Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sundays of grace #29

1. We are down in DC for the weekend to pick up Will's parents and drive them back to NYC and we are having a lovely time away from it all, tucked into our hotel, jogging around the Capitol, visiting with my sister, and noshing with good friends we haven't seen in far too long. It is so nice to get away from everything together and enjoy a rare morning of sleeping in, cuddling, enjoying a leisurely breakfast. And pretty awesome to get to supplement all that relaxing with some good social time with friends and family.

2. Spring weather - it's so capricious, and we're so enjoying it. This week was bright sunshine one minute, and then a sudden cooling thunderstorm, and then bright sunshine again. It's completely unpredictable and completely refreshing.

3. Ms. Moxie. She went to training camp while we were off in Colorado for the last IVF cycle and she came home a much more poised puppy - one who sits, and stays, and comes, and goes into the kennel, and leaves the room on command. We've been enjoying her much improved behavior - and it seems like she feels more settled too, understanding better what's expected of her and how to fit in comfortably with our little family of three. This weekend she's upstate running and playing with other doggies in the country - it will be great to see her when we get home.


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  1. Springtime, family, and puppies - all wonderful things that help to lighten my heart. I'm glad you and Will are having a good time.

  2. Yay for spring - I too am glad you are enjoying each other.

  3. Hi Mo, congratulations on your decision to cycle again, I think you're doing the right thing. In terms of the additional protocol would you mind posting/letting me know whether this is with microdose lupron flare, EPP or long lupron? I'm an MDL gal myself but the supplements sound very interesting. Many thanks

  4. we just got back from DC. so glad you're having a good time. sometimes it's good to get away, do things that are non-IF/cycle related and just kind of reset, you know?

    and running around capitol hill just has a way of making me feel motivated and hopeful....

  5. Ms. Moxie is adorable- makes me miss our Rae!!! Enjoy your little trip away and time with family!! You deserve that stolen time...


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