Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Five differences for cycle #5

This time around, we've done a few things differently that maybe, just maybe (if we're super lucky) could help make this cycle a success.

So what are the differences?

Endometriosis removed: Just prior to this cycle, I had a laparoscopy and had stage III endometriosis cleared away. Will this help? Don't know. Hopefully it can't hurt.

Low dose steroids until beta: Usually my clinic prescribes only 16 mg of medrol for four days, starting the day of retrieval, but my RE has told me to continue 8 mg of it until the pregnancy test to further reduce my risk of any type of immune response that could result in my rejecting the embryos.

Earlier trigger: We did an earlier HCG trigger (on day 9, one day earlier than usual for me), when my largest follicle was around 18mm, which resulted in me having waaaay fewer eggs but perhaps helped improve quality? Jury's out on this one, and the fertilization drama almost caused me to have a heart attack. We'll see.

Coculture: Not exactly new new as this is our second try at it. Even I can see a huge difference in the way the embryos look. (Take a look for yourself. The first two posts have pics of my embryos after coculture. The final one without. You don't have to be an embryologist to say those last ones are, well, let's just say a little rough around the edges).

No more PIO!: I've broken out in hives every cycle from the various PIO formulations (I've tried sesame oil, olive oil, and ethyl oleate all to no avail). I've worried that by having a systemic allergic reaction every cycle (arms, back, neck, scalp, chest) that I've been reducing my chances of conceiving. My RE assures me that many a hive-covered woman has gotten pregnant, but he's letting me off the PIO anyway (my butt has never been so appreciative). Instead I'm doing a mix of progesterone suppositories 2xs a day and one HCG booster shot between now and the beta to keep my progesterone levels up. This is awesome, although it means that all those HPTs Will bought me will not be put to use this cycle. Oh no!!! I will have to wait until the actual beta (or maybe the morning of the beta at least if I can't stand to wait until the actual blood draw). God grant me patience!

So, will we have a different outcome this time? Boy, we sure hope so. Will any of these factors have made a difference one way or the other? Impossible to say. But we are trying. We sure are trying.

Fingers crossed. Gaze forward. Full speed ahead.


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  1. Way to keep thinking positive. I like that. Are you laying down at all times accept to get up for the bathroom and to sit up to eat? I think that is a big keep factor but that is just because we did that and two of my friends did that for like 2-3 days straight and it has worked for all of us :)

    I have a great feeling about this try for you kids. You are in my thoughts and prayers and my fingers and tossed are still crossed :)

    Take care and keep us posted.


  2. You make a great case. I'm convinced it should work!!!

    Seriously I have a good feeling about this one.

    Good luck!!!

  3. Mo - here's hoping that all those things make a difference!

  4. ...thinking NOTHING but GOOD thoughts for you. I think that plenty has gone different...and again, you have those beautiful embryos!

    Oh, and you can totally send me a couple of pregnancy tests if you want. I refuse to buy any and am determined to wait until beta...but you know, if they were in my face I could never resist.


  5. Those are some good changes! I think the laproscopy was a really good thing! I too have a good feeling!

  6. I'm thinking so many good thoughts for you. I am inspired by how positive you are.

  7. Sounds terrific - I hope this is it, I really, really do.

  8. Fingers and toes crossed for you and prayers out your way as well!

  9. I am really really hoping for you guys!

    I am curious about the steroids having severe undiagnosed allergies, the whole rejection thing has more than once crossed my mind. Would you mind posting more about that? I hope it's ok to ask.

    Wishing you much rest, relaxation and good fertile thoughts!


  10. I am crossing everything over here Mo!!! I am praying so hard for you. Your babies are beautiful!


  11. This is really a new try for you, lots of things are different especially the fabulous grade A embie! I think the laparoscopy will make a difference, I had one just before we conceived (naturally) my little boy, the only time I ever had a + in my then 35 years (many of which were trying although never with drugs or anything)

    So excited about how great your embies look, that alone should give you hope. I know it is so hard to let yourself care at this point, crossing everything for you all.

  12. I definitely think that the laparoscopy is BIG - in fact I'm rather horrified that you hadn't had one before - here they do that right in the beginning before pursuing any treatments :)

  13. The lap will totally help. I really think this is gonna work for you.

  14. Ah yes, the 'differences'.

    We all pick them out and hang onto them

    best of luck.

  15. there are lots of differences. :) i'm so excited for you. and you transferred 3 great looking embryos.

    sending lots of positive vibes your way. i know the 2ww sucks!

  16. Mo & Will...I've been thinking about you every day! I am so bummed that it has been an emotional rollercoaster, but then again, what IVF cycle isn't? It wouldn't be IVF without a bunch of curveballs, right?

    Even though I've been quiet for awhile, know I am following and thinking of you both--and my fingers are crossed for a wonderful outcome!

  17. Counting down the days right along with you, Mo. Thinking many many good thoughts!

    PS - I am very jealous of no more PIO. Maybe I will be able to talk my RE into this as well....


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