Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hallmark Rejects: TV series that never made it

Hallmark Rejects is back again, today with a look at infertility-related television show ideas that never made it onto the air.

Our first Hallmark Reject TV idea is inspired by a popular 1990s show that you may vaguely remember.

Populated with muscled hunks and attractive curvaceous women, filled with romantic intrigue and drama, set on the lovely beaches of Southern California...

Our new television series idea is similar in many ways to the hit formula followed by Baywatch, with just a few tweaks, to make it more, shall we say, infertile.

Brought to you by Hallmark Rejects, please enjoy:

In which two people agonize, staring intently at a small white stick, hoping a second line will appear. Most episodes, the line doesn't appear, but on those rare occasions that it does, our intrepid (and neurotic) couple continue to worry, peeing repeatedly and looking again and again in a vain attempt to see the line darken.

It's just like Baywatch, except, well, no beach, the actors are pasty skinned, nonmuscular, the woman is covered in bruises from multiple injections, and most of the episodes take place in a bathroom. There is also very little sex in our show, which is funny, because this couple is desperately trying to have a baby!

Not sure why this didn't take off and become a runaway sensation... Maybe we need a new agent or something?


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  1. WAYYYY too funny! You and Will have quite the humour! Thanks for the chuckle!!

  2. Hehehehh. So glad Hallmark rejects are back. To be honest, from what I hear about what's on TV these days, I'm a bit surprised that Betawatch wasn't picked up - it'd be a better show than most of what's on.

    Thinking of you.

  3. Hee Hee! At least you've still got your sense of humour :-).

  4. Takes place in the bathroom. Howl!

    Our heroine is skilled in the art of cataloging. Perhaps she is trained in the arts of the Dewey Decimal System. We can never be certain where her talent stops and OCD begins, but her skills are finely tuned.

    She pees on sticks and slips them deftly into bags, carefully marked for retrieval and analysis at a later date....

  5. "pasty-skinned, nonmuscular. . ." hilarious! so happy to read recent posts, am thinking of you too and feeling happy for you. :-)

  6. You've brought a smile to my face with that one!



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