Saturday, March 13, 2010

Denver fertilization report

As you know, 19 eggs were retrieved yesterday. Of those, 14 were mature and 13 of those fertilized using ICSI. Not bad!

I asked whether they could continue to grow out the five that were immature and was surprised when the embryologist said they didn't usually do that in cases where there were so many embryos to choose from. I was under the impression the Denver clinic always tried to use invitro maturation for the immature oocytes. I tried to explain our situation - that we tend to have a number of embryos to begin with but with 45ish embryos created and 14 embryos and blasts transferred over five cycles, we still had no child to show for it. I asked if they could please - pretty please! - keep an eye on the remaining five and see if anything could be salvaged. He said they would.

So we have a baker's dozen going at this point. They will call again Monday to let us know how things are looking...

Will and I are trying not to get too hopeful because we've been disappointed so many times.

But so far, so good...

Please, Universe, let the good news continue!


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  1. WOW! That is fabulous news! I am pulling for you.

  2. Hopefully you'll end up doing even better than us: 16 retrieved (don't think they went for all the littler follicles because I was doing it under local only, not that I'd have cared), 14 mature, 13 fertilized with ICSI. Ended up with 6 good blasts, the remaining 4 morulas arrested before reaching blast on day 6. I was pretty happy to have 6 good blasts, even though more would have been nice.
    Hopefully you'll end up with very little attrition and a bunch of good genetically normal ones to choose from.
    Keep the updates coming, and hope you're not too sore post retrieval!

  3. Awesome! I hope your good luck continues. :)

  4. Best news I've heard all night!

  5. What a wonderful start! Keep on doing your thing little embies!

    Fingers crossed for you guys. :-)

  6. Awesome! Good for you for advocating for the little guys. You never know! Great idea to add the frosties to the mix for culturing and testing. Anything to up the odds.

    So glad this is all going well. Hang in there. Lots of us rooting for you.

  7. Fantastic news. Willing them all to divide, divide, divide. Hoping you have more than half that many grow out to blast.

    You are on your way!

  8. Yes indeed! Let's go for the whole shebang!

  9. Yes indeed! Let's go for the whole shebang!

  10. Awesome! That's a pretty remarkable fert rate, and a stellar ovarian performance. You should be so proud!! Hurray for things going well, and for a clinic that seems to have it ALL together- the medicine AND the "taking care of the patient" stuff.

  11. Excellent - keeping fingers crossed for continued good news and progress!

  12. Congrats on such a high yield! That is a great number. I'll be praying for the last ones to make it too! Good luck!

    Kait @

  13. Woo Hooooo! Great news, now frow embies grow!

  14. praying for you, your family, and your babies to be!!

  15. Hope you have plenty of good ones in your lucky 13!

  16. My fingers are crossed for you!

  17. That is a fabulous number! Praying for you!

  18. Well Mo and Will. I checked in a little late but I can feel that you are doing good this cycle.

    Praying that there be desirable outcomes ahead.

  19. cheering for the both of you and your little guys!

  20. HOT DAMN
    and Hurrah
    13! and good for you for asking for special attention to the immature eggs-- that would be so cool if a few more could come along too--
    but your numbers kick serious ass
    as I know your scientific mind knows
    and I know too, your big heart wishes for as many more as possible, I so totally get that.

    So, wishing for you 0 attrition, and a few more for the ride and some perfectly normal embryos to transfer when the time comes.

    Are you still in Denver? Or back in NY?
    Sending love to you wherever you are,

  21. Great news!! And given you have so many mature, good looking ones, don't fret too much on any of those immature ones - the rate of the Day 2 ICSI actually making it to blast is pretty poor. I understand you want all the chances you can get, but given how many great ones you have already, don't pin too much hope on those immature ones.

    So, are you growing to blast and vitrifying? Then MA testing? FET in a few months? If so, safe travels home, and I hope you are recovering well from ET.

  22. Woot! Lucky, lucky 13. May the good news keep coming and may your heart and hope be bolstered by today's great fert report. Rooting for you, Will, the embryos and the 5 immature oocytes. Safe home.


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