Thursday, October 6, 2011

Annual gyn visit

Had my annual gynecological visit today with a manual breast exam plus pap smear to comply with the Denver clinic's requirements. Trying to get things rolling so we don't end up with any additional delays to cycling with the donor.

At my hospital, when you call to schedule an annual gyn visit, they typically tell you that the next opening is in, like, six months. So to get this appointment I had to use a connection who is friends with the secretaries at the gyn's office. Sure enough, six months turned into two days. Amazing. I guess they always keep some openings tucked away for emergencies and poor planners like myself?

Everything went fine at the visit. The doctor was pleasant but clearly thinks we're a little daft that we're still considering trying something reproductive. Oh well.

As she listened to a very digest version of our current plans, she said, "You know, you may also want to consider trying naturally. It works sometimes!"

What I wanted to say: "Are you insane?! We've been having timed intercourse monthly since the last miscarriage almost a year ago; in fact, we've been having timed intercourse for the past FIVE years every moment when I haven't been cycling...and well, yeah...not working for us so much. This past year, not even a chemical pregnancy. Just nada. But thanks!"

What I said: "Sure. We'll try that."

A little clueless on her part, but whatever. At least it's crossed off the list.

Tonight Will and I are getting on a plane and flying to the Denver clinic for a new one-day work up tomorrow. Wish us luck. I'll fill you in on how it goes when we return.


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  1. Good luck!! I'm curious to hear if/how the one-day work-up will differ since you were already a patient there.

  2. Fingers crossed- as soon as I lower them from my forehead, which I have just smacked in disbelief over the doctor's comment. Wishing you safe travels and good news.

  3. This is why I cringe when people stick with ob/gyn for fertility treatments. I actually told one that she was completely wrong and that perhaps she should read my file more thoroughly next time and never went back but I have a distinct lack of patience now.

  4. Sending good thoughts your way! (Seriously?!? Try naturally? She's brilliant.)

  5. Yay! I always said that to clueless people--it was that or bitch slap them.

  6. Good Luck! So glad you are back to blogging now! I don't know how many times I checked in while you were "away"!

  7. Lots of luck! It's so good to see you all so excited again! Wishing you all the best!

  8. OOOHHHH I am soo excited....

  9. I am often so suprised how little my gyn/ob actually knew about infertility. He was great to refer us immediately to a specialist when it was apparent we were having issues. But over the past 4 years and 3 ART pregnancies (one IVF with ICSI and one embryo adoption)...I found myself continually educating him on what we were going through and how we actually ended up pregnant. And he would always ask me about what birth control I wanted to use....Really? I guess he has seen one post IVF spontaneous pregnancy and is convinced it will happen to all his fertility challenged patients....but no...not us.
    But...I am so excited you are on your way to Denver and will be doing the donated egg cycle. I will start up my prayers, babydust and good thoughts again. Good luck.


  10. And what does it say about my (lack of an) exercise routine that I read the title as "annual gym visit"?

    Best of luck!

  11. Best of luck!
    We'll all be cheering for you :)

  12. WHAAAAAAT!?!?!? (head bang desk) When I read the first sentence I thought, "Oh, I need a new gyno. Does Mo have a good one?" Never mind. :-/

    Good luck with the one day workup. Hope you manage to do something enjoyable in Denver. Like that restaurant you posted about.

  13. Here's hoping that your bloodwork goes smoothly and you are all on your way! And that Gyn, sometimes I wonder if they have ever really met a fertility-challenged patient...Like we would PREFER to go through IVF, etc. instead of just having sex. I'm surprised she.didn't tell you to 'just relax' as well :/ Jeesh!

  14. I'm so glad that you are getting geared up for a new cycle out in Denver - I'm very excited for you!
    And yeah, the clueless Gyn - whatever.

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