Sunday, October 9, 2011

Newspaper wars update

View of mailboxes downstairs yesterday morning...the stand off continues...

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  1. LOL. This just makes me laugh. And miss NYC...

  2. This is too funny. We live in a CA suburb and get mail/paper/packages right to the driveway/door....but I lived in apt complexes downtown before and EVERYTHING stopped at the bank of sounds to me like some in your building got spoiled and are just throwing tantrums now. It would take a lot of time to deliver papers to multiple floors. I am enjoying watching this story unfold.


  3. I can totally imagine this scene. Very entertaining. Here in Queens there seems to be a similar vicious note thing that happens regarding people tossing their bags of dog crap near/around/but never actually inside people's trashcans outside their building.

    Having always lived in very small buildings without doormen, etc, it is also funny how we all have this delicate dance we do with UPS deliveries and being nice enough to our neighbors so they will sign for/not steal our packages, but not any nicer than you have to be.

    Ahh. Thank you for this distraction today :)

  4. but where are the blue bags???
    i don't live in nyc of course :)


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