Monday, March 5, 2012

Blood work results 6w2d

These results are coming in later and later, yowza.

Today, I still had heard nothing when I finished with my last patient at 7pm, so I ended up paging the on-call fellow, who called back a bit annoyed, but with the results, which was all I cared about.

All continues to appear well from a blood work standpoint.

Progesterone = 32.82

Estrogen = 616

Beta HCG = 45,785 (No wonder I'm so queasy!)

The Denver nurse called right around the same time I heard from the local clinic...they want me to do more blood work at the end of the week. They are being super cautious with me because of that previous weird progesterone level of 11.5. I'm glad they're taking things seriously. I deeply appreciate it.

Just hoping there is a tiny heart beating inside me to go with that whopping HCG level.



P.S. I was waiting on the blood results to make a decision about tomorrow's scheduled ultrasound with the RE's suboptimal equipment. Obviously by now the office is long closed. So not sure what I'm going to in "sick" to the ultrasound, buck up and go and try not to freak if we don't see a heartbeat, or some third option I can't think of right now... Will and I are going to sleep on it and figure it out overnight or in the interesting to see what we decide to do...

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  1. I understand why you are torn about the ultrasound. I had my first u/s at 6w3d also. The baby was tiny (not much bigger than the little blob you showed us a few days ago) but my doctor saw the heartbeat. Now I really couldn't make anything out, it was so small and the quality of the equipment wasn't great... but since the doctor saw it, I was reassured.

    Fabulous HCG#!!! And yes, I've also found that they call with the results later & later as time goes on...

  2. I've been waiting all day for an update :-) so happy to hear that your numbers look awesome and that they're taking your P4 numbers seriously. Will be thinking of you and Will tomorrow as y'all figure out what to do :-)

  3. Great results on the bloodwork. I've no idea what HCG levels are supposed to be at 6 weeks, but that does sound good!

    Is hearing the heartbeat an option? I know that's what happened with my 6 wk 1 day ultrasound. I couldn't see it, but the doctor let us hear it. Apparently his dildo-cam was also a dildo-doppler... not sure whether that's true of all of them!

    Whatever you decide to do, it's your choice and it's absolutely fine. Do what *you* have to do.

  4. Every beta says this pregnancy is still moving forward at the rate it should.

    My RE stopped drawing blood when I got to ~1400, at 5w3d; I could guess it was up to maybe 12000 when we saw the heartbeat at 6w2d. That is to say, there has GOT to be an embryo with a beating heart in there. I know the terror I had before that ultrasound; I can only guess it's magnified for you. Here's hoping tomorrow brings you a bit of peace, whatever you decide.

  5. Oh that sucks that they didn't call. I'm glad that they called back.... with great numbers! Yea!

    As far as the u/s goes, do what you're most comfortable with. Call in sick if you want to wait.

  6. WOW! Your bloodwork looks amazing!

    Heres' hoping thing continue in the positive direction.

    Looking forward to more updates soon!

  7. Wonderful numbers :) I am crazy so I would probably take every single opportunity for u/s but I know it is wise to wait.

  8. Praying for you!
    I wanted to share when we had an ultrasound they thought I was farther along than I was. The heart had just started beating and was low at 102. Came back a week later and it was 137. I read somewhere that when the heart starts beating on the first day its about as fast as the mother's resting heart rate and with each day it increases by so many beats. I tried not to worry about it but at the next appointment I had estimated what the heartrate should be. I wasn't too far off since its an estimate.
    I share because I know you like numbers and I want to encourage you.

  9. Things are exactly as they should be for this stage of the game.

    You are pregnant, period.

    As I usually say, do whatever it is you feel you need to in the morning (but report back! :))

  10. I hope that everything will go well for you. I know how scary this all can be. I had 5 miscarriages and last time over the weekend I knew that something wrong ( i was 13 weeks then)- I felt cramping for 1/2 day, wasn't really hungry, and wasn't waking up early morning for bathroom. It felt wrong and unfortunately I just confirmed that next day.
    It looks like you using right approach now- all the blood work follow up, lovenox, gluten free diet, IVIG.
    i was thinking about you on weekend and waiting for today's update.

    Best wishes,


  11. Yay! Good luck on your u/s decision! I hope you go!! :)

  12. So glad the numbers continue to look good!

  13. I think you should go. You're an information-gatherer at heart, so you might as well gather what you can at this stage. If things didn't look so good at this point I can see hesitating a bit more, but with all the great bloodwork results, don't you want some corroborating evidence of success and/or a timeframe to reference if things don't work? And if it's inconclusive you will have to wait anyway, so the not-knowing will just be confirmed and you already not-know anyway, so it won't make any difference.

    If you have to pay out of pocket maybe don't go...

  14. Hi there. I just wanted to let you know that I'm reliving my last pregnancy through your blog. After 5 consecutive miscarriages, I went through virtually the same protocol as yourself...IVIG, Lovenox, dexamethosone, synthroid, IVF the whole deal. We were seriously frightened. To our absolute astonishment, it all worked for us and we now have a one year old little boy. Your worries and concerns are SO normal and exactly the same as mine were...I've lived each of them...never actually thinking that it would all work. Just wanted to chime in with others on the encouragement as you face this challenging, uncertain time. Keep your head up and take comfort in the fact that you're leaving no stones unturned. I really hope that you have our same outcome. It's incredibly sweet after all the heartache and struggles. You are very strong to be so open about your journey and emotions. All my best. Jenny

  15. Fantastic blood results! And I'll be looking forward to hearing what you decided to do re: the U/S. Thinking of you!

  16. Everything looks wonderful! Whatever you decide with the u/s will be the right decision for you and for your sanity right now. Sending prayers and good thoughts!!

  17. With those numbers I would believe that your critter's ticker is going strong. I know it feels like a ton to have to go through in this quasi-pregnant state that exists for RPLers, but this is looking great so far and I will continue to wish as strong as I can to fill the sails for a smooth pregnancy. It's time for great news here.

  18. thanks for the bloodwork update- your numbers look very good- and while its impossible to tell just from numbers, the big thing is at least the numbers are wonky or going down, you know? things are as they should be.

    i hope you go to the u/s! its tough, but i really think its going to be tough either way.

    then again, i totally understand why you wouldn't want to go *today*. waiting till the end of the week is more in line with ccrm's protocol anyway.

    no matter what, you'll be in my thoughts today.

    take care! take it easy! are you back to work or are you staying home?

  19. Your numbers look great. I think it's crazy to make you wait so long to get your results frustrating. If you went to your u/s appointment I hope that you saw a beautiful little flickering heart. Thinking of you this morning, and always.

  20. So glad to see good numbers, will be interested to see your choice in terms of the ultrasound. Wishing for good things and holding hope!

  21. On pins and needles waiting for an update this morning. I can't believe they took SO LONG with yesterday's test results. TORTURE! I think Christy's comment is good info if there is a HB, but not as fast as you would expect. And please take Jenny's story to heart. Happy endings do happen after much loss.

    BTW, you are NOT neurotic. You're justifiably traumatized. Much love! xoxo


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