Friday, March 2, 2012

FET #2 5w6d ultrasound report

What a morning! Will turned off the alarm when it went off without flipping on the light or waking me and the next thing I know he's saying "Mo, it's 8:15AM! Our appointment is in 15 minutes!" Yikes! Way to make a stressful morning even more stressful. I'll be setting my own alarm next time. I think maybe we were both feeling really avoidant and almost didn't want to go to the appointment and so "overslept." That's so not like my usual coping style. It has been interesting to watch my behavior lately and just think, Wow, who IS that?

So we were really 30 minutes late. Which I hate, because our local RE is wonderful and I know he's a really busy guy. So he squeezed us in anyway, because he's really sweet like that, but it was all kind of rushed and Will and I were sort of beside ourselves. Because of the rush, I don't think he did the kind of measurements, etc. that he would have. 

But...I am definitely pregnant. There's a largish gestational sac (just one). It's kidney-bean shaped, which kind of has me freaking out, but I asked the RE about it and he said (just like the reproductive immunologist said) that it's no big deal. Any experience with this out there? I thought the gestational sac was supposed to be spherical...and that anything else was an ominous sign...I did find this online that was a bit reassuring. But if any of you could chime in, that would be great.

It definitely looks like there is "something" in one end of the kidney bean...the RE says it's the embryo...I didn't see a yolk sac, but he said it's tucked behind the embryo and definitely there. He said he though he saw a flickering, too. But honestly, I think that was just me shaking.

Now all of this should be really reassuring, you'd think, except that the last time I was pregnant he said pretty much the same thing, pointing to ambiguous images and saying this was the fetal pole, etc., etc., and was really encouraging and it turned out to be a big disaster and more wishful thinking on his part than anything. 

So I was and am a bit skeptical. I feel that our local RE wants this so badly for us, he'll almost hallucinate an embryo just to try to make it be true. So I asked him how sure he was that what we were seeing was the embryo and he said he was really pretty sure. 

I wish they had better ultrasound equipment at my RE's office. I think I myself have spent enough over the course of five IVFs for them to be able to afford the latest equipment. What they use is prehistoric compared to the ultrasound machines at the Denver clinic. It's weird, it's like in this one respect NYC is some backwater town. Denver ladies, I envy you, but it seems excessive to fly to Denver just to get a higher resolution ultrasound. It's also a little bit tempting. 

I'm scheduled to go back to the local RE on Tuesday for another u/s to look for a heartbeat. I will be at 6w3d then.

I want to say i felt reassured getting this scan, and I guess I did a little, but not really so much. It's still so early, and it's really hard to make out anything on that damn ultrasound, so I'm sort of going on faith of what my RE said, which I hope is true and not just what he wishes is true. I mean, I saw a little something, too, but to me, it looks like it could just be a bit of endometrium hanging down. Like an endometrial flap or something. I've never heard of that, but you never know.

Next week's scan will be a big deal...if we don't see a heartbeat on Tuesday, we'll go back Friday at 6w5d. If nothing by friday, well...we'll cross that bridge if we come to it. 

Will promises he will scan in the ultrasound picture around noon and I'll post it either here or in a separate post later today. Would love to hear your thoughts on the importance of the kidney-bean shaped gestational sac. Let me know if any of you have kidney-bean shaped kids out there who survived being in a weirdly shaped gestational sac for nine months.

Thanks for all of your thoughts and well day at a time. 

No indication that things are over yet, so I'll take that as a good sign for now.


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  1. Whew....I've been thinking about you all morning! Yay for definitely pregnant with what looks to be a singleton! I know, not what you were hoping to see, but sounds good so far.

    As for the sac, I'd trust your RE on that one. Mine was round at this stage and then oblong and two weeks too small (and clearly squishing the embryo who turned out to be my beautiful son); they must vary widely, as my sac with LG was always comparatively large and round.

    Congrats, Mo!

  2. YES!! Phew. I admit I had to speed-read this until the end so I could stop holding my breath! :) :)

  3. I've had trouble getting my work done this morning because I was thinking about you and constantly refreshing your page for an update! :) Your appointment sounds like it went as well as it possibly could have, and I'm so relieved and excited for you!!! I agree, trust the RE when he says the sac shape is no big deal. I don't have any idea what shape my sac was - I guess ignorance is bliss and at the time, I didn't know that was something I should be looking for. I swear it wasn't round though... and the embryo looked like just a tiny dot way over on one end of it, just like you described. I really couldn't even see it. It sounds like things are going perfect. Just remember that this time is NOT last time... things are different, your numbers look so great. I have such a good feeling for you and just know that Tuesday is going to be a great day!!

  4. Phew!!! So glad things are still going well.

    I looked back at my u/s images from 6w2d. None of my 3 sacs are spherical looking. Well, one is kind of (with a pointy end), one is like a kidney shape and one is like a squash or pear shape. When you upload your u/s pic I'll compare them to yours and comment again. All 3 of my sacs became healthy children (and 1 even became 2 healthy twins).

  5. my friends Sac was shaped like a squash! and her son is now 4!

  6. My gestational sacs were all more kidney than sphere- including DELLAS

    If he saw a flicker it was not you.
    And if there is something in the sac it is not endometrium. but I think you *know* that.

    But I also know it would be impossible to let yourself know it until it is SO OBVIOUS that you can't pretend it isn't there without being actually nutty.
    So, let's chalk this up to NOTHING BAD HAS HAPPENED YET

    and get thee to a better ultrasound. Surely, that must be possible somewhere. The difference in equipment is truly stunning.

    All of that out of the way

    HURRAY!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE PREGNANT!!!!!!

    with love and gasps of relieved air and happy happiness,

  7. I woke up thinking of you!

    Congrats! It seems like you are on the right track. I went through something similar. First U/S was on the worst equipment ever and we didn't see much. Went back at 6w something and saw a HB. It was stressful waiting though. I seem to recall the shape of the sac not being as much an issue as an enlarged sac. I'm sure your RE would have told you if it was ominous.

    I can't believe you got enough sleep to oversleep! I think I was up the entire night before my first u/s!

    Best of luck next week!

  8. Oh, Mo. Sorry this wasn't more reassuring. I agree with Gwinne. Trust your RE on this. You. Are. Pregnant.

    Personally, I have no idea about the shape, but I'm sure others will chime in. I waited until 7 weeks because I was afraid of inconclusive ultrasounds. Can you ask your RE if the machines in OB are newer? If they are, maybe the MFM on ultrasound duty could do a scan.

    As you said, one day at a time. Big hug!

  9. Whew!! Thanks goodness, Mo. I have been checking on you all morning and wondering what was going on. I can appreciate that you don't feel total reassurance yet, but it seems like everything is going just great. If you can, just choose to believe your RE until you get proof otherwise. I'm telling you Mo, this pregnancy seems like it will be sticking around! Only a few more days to go until Tuesday...fingers crossed!

  10. Dora - the machines in OB ARE newer...I just don't have easy access to them... : (

  11. Yea for being definitely pregnant!

    I honestly would not stress too much about the shape of the sac - I think the way the wand is positioned and the way your uterus is positioned and the location of the sac within it can all impact how it looks. When the u/s tech did our scans in the early weeks, it would morph into all sorts of different shapes as she moved the wand around.

    I wish you had more definite reassurance. Somewhere in that city there has to be a more up-to-date ultrasound machine, and that really can make all the difference. It's the difference between looking at a 50s black-and-white TV screen that's getting a fuzzy image and looking at something through a microscope - it's never going to look as clear on the old, fuzzy TV screen. Does Will have a friend, or a friend of a friend, who could figure out a way for you to get another scan or your next scan at a place with a better machine?

    I know it doesn't *look* like things are much different with this cycle, but they are - you're doing more prednisone, you did IVIg. Those are differences, and they have the potential to give you a very different outcome this time around.

    And I still think that since you're not bleeding, all of that cramping you were having was a good sign - probably implantation cramping.

  12. So so glad that all is well, so far, and still on track. Sending lots of good vibes your way. You are handling all this so well.

  13. Yay!!!

    As I know you are painfully aware, the trouble is, the earlier the information you get, the less informative it is. This is a really early u/s. Given that context, what you are seeing sounds utterly great to me. I mean that.

    I'm also relieved to see I'm not the only one who's been refreshing obsessively (OK, actually I already knew that from the traffic feed). You and the embryo have a lot of supporters out here, you know.

  14. Yay!!! Two things -- you didn't learn anything BAD and so that should be celebrated. Second thing -- at 5w6d the sac was shaped like a spaghetti squash. And a baby emerged from there just fine. I think that it has to do with the angle of the wand and placement and all that complicated geometry.

  15. Just wanted to chime in and say that my kidney-bean shaped sac (at 6wks 1d) turned into a happy, healthy (albeit defiant!) 2 1/2 year-old. Like the other ladies commented, I never had a "spherical" sac with either of my successful pregnancies.


  16. Nothing discouraging about those results...we'll take them!

    Our thoughts and best wishes are with you guys!

    Physician chick from the great white north (aka not quite a mom yet!)

  17. I had an ultrasound at 5w2d and they said the gestational sac was irregular shaped and I was going to have a miscarriage. Well that never happened and I am not 16 weeks pregnant and things are going really well. Although I know it's hard not to think about it because I know I googled everything on it. It sounds like things are going well and everything is going to work out. Can't wait for the next u/s updates!

  18. De-lurking... I actually woke up thinking about YOUR u/s this morning! Funky sac?....Don't sweat that... my spherical ended up weighing 6 lbs 10 oz.. :) Praying for you

  19. I had a 6w0d ultrasound with Birdie and the gestational sac was truly ugly. It was oblong and almost pointy at one end like a teardrop. I was terrified, but my RE said it was fine. At the 8w ultrasound it still looked funky like a teardrop, but the baby had grown and had a great heart rate and was fine. Right now that funky sac baby is drawing with crayons and yelling "BIG helicopter!" as I try to type this comment. Every step of the way I was sure would be bad news, but somehow it worked out.

    I'm sorry that it wasn't as reassuring as you had hoped, but it looking good so far, and the scan on Tuesday will give you a better look, and hopefully see and hear a great heartbeat.

    It sucks that your local RE doesn't have a good machine. Is there any way that Will or some doctor friend can refer you to somewhere with a better ultrasound machine, like through your hospital or something?

  20. Hi. Here's a link to my 6 week scan pics on my blog. Neither sacs are perfectly round. Both had babies in. One had two!

    Bloody cant get it to paste the link! So annoying!

    Click on my name to get to my blog - lose to gain. Scan is from 13th October 2011.

  21. YAY!!! A very good appointment for you, avoidy-Mo! And yeah, nothing to worry about with weird-shaped sac. And yeah, you the wee one have other hurdles to clear, but this hurdle just got hopped with flying colors (flying embryos? Is that too weird an image?)

    Congratulations you still-pregnant-lady, you!

  22. I'm at work and could not stop wondering how this appt. went. I am so glad to hear that you got some good news. A flicker! Yay! I continue to think about you and pray for you. Take care!

  23. Little embryo, please hang on.

    I am one of those "Denver" girls and I remember at our first u/s, the tech said she could see a h/b but my DH and I thought she was nuts because we couldn't see it. Sure enough - a few days later we could see it too. I did have a third embryo that didn't make it, but the sac was clearly oval shape -not kidney-bean shaped.

    Ultrasounds - why isn't there an app for that? C'mon developers...let us plug a cam into our IPhones so we can do our own u/s anytime.

    Could you call a local school who trains techs on the latest equipment and maybe sneak in an u/s?

  24. Just dug out my first ultrasound pic from 8w6d and its pretty damn weird, kind of straight along one side and curved along the other side like half an oval or a slice of melon! Thank god it wasn't something I knew to look for way back then (blissful ignorance in pre-IF blog reading days) our I would have freaked. Anyway I've had no losses and needed IVF due to tube issues, eg no fertility issues other than mechanical ones, had a completely 100% uncomplicated pregnancy with natural delivery at 40w5d, and she is now 2 1/2. Conclusion: wonky shaped sac = completely normal.

    Hope tuesday finally ends the uncertainty and brings you the news you need x

  25. I'm thrilled that you are confirmed pg and just wish that you had a better view!! My gestational sac with my son was never round and most definitely kidney shaped. He is now 14m old and fabulous. I also had an u/s this morning while holding my breath due to bleeding and there was a kidney shaped gestational sac with a 9w4d fetus whose heartbeat was 180! As long as whats inside looks good and there is plenty of room I guess any shape will do. They have never so much as mentioned the shape of my gestational sac.

  26. thanks for updating so fast!

    things sound just as they should for today...
    next week will bring more clear directions for you.

    mo, you *are* pregnant now. congratulations :)

    also, i hope i didn't offend you with that cycling donor while pregnant comment... wasn't sure if it bothered you, but it wasn't my intent. hoping the best for you and will.

  27. Hurray! Been thinking of you and am so glad to hear all is well. Enjoy these days! You are doing everything possible for this baby!

  28. Yay! This is great news. My sac was definitely not a perfect sphere. It looked more tear dropped. I was worried and spend some time on google...but all is well so far. If he says it's ok, it's ok. Crossing my fingers for a great report on Tuesday.

  29. Hi, longtime lurker and mom to a healthy 7 months old who came from a banana-shaped sac (6 weeks u/s). My RE never mentioned the shape and just said that everything looked exactly as it should at that point. So I really wouldn't worry about that. Best of luck!

  30. whew whew WHEW!!! Keep taking one day at a time sweet girl! We are all cheering you on!

  31. I'm so glad things look on track!!! I had a kidney-bean shaped sac at 5w4d and I couldn't see anything in the sac, but my RE assured me she could. I was still panicking, but went back at 7w0d to see a heartbeat (still in a kidney-shaped sac) and by the time we got to 12 weeks the sac seemed to be more spherical. 18.5 weeks now and things are still going well! Fingers crossed they keep that way of course.

    BEST OF LUCK TO YOU!!! You're in my thoughts. -Lurker

  32. So glad this morning went relatively well and will be praying for peace of mind as you wait for Tuesday.

  33. Just de-lurking to chime in that my daughter had a really funky sac - it measured almost 2 weeks too small at 7 & 8 weeks (the RE was concerned) but everything turned out fine and she's a healthy 5 year old now. So I really don't think sac shape matters. So happy for you

  34. I've been reading your blog for probably close to 3 years now. I think I may have posted once before. I am currently 16 weeks 6 days preganant. I had my first ultrasound at 6+5. My sac measured on the smallish side and was NOT round. It was rather elongated. Very much an oval. At that point my baby looked very much like a flap hanging down from my uterus. With a dot at the bottom of the flap looking thing. Baby is fine and growing strong at this point. Sac size normalized by 12 weeks and now its shape depends on what wierd contortionist move baby is pulling at the time. Lots of good vibes your way. I hope this is finally it for you!

  35. So glad things went well this morning after your late wake up! My daughter is 3.5 right now, and she was a kidney bean shaped sac at 6w5d, and 10w2d, and then at 12w it was shaped like a tooth! No one ever mentioned anything about it being strange and we had a great pregnancy and 9lb. 12oz. baby. I wish you all the best.

  36. I am THRILLED to read this. I, however, believe that by your next u/s, there might be a surprise 2nd bean in there.

    And, yes, I have heard that kidney shaped at this early juncture is fine.

    You are doing it, Mo!

  37. Just looked at my pic from 7w- it was sort of a flattened out kidney bean shape. And I'm now 16w3d, so baby was definitely okay! Can't wait to read more updates, I'm really pulling for you guys.

    -Random Lurker

  38. Mo, can you or Will call in any favors? Just checked my archives, and here's my little oval at 6 weeks 6 days.

  39. I am thrilled for you!! Hang in there, I know you've been here before, but there are a LOT of things different this cycle...and we're all so hoping for the perfect outcome!

  40. Yep, had a kidney shape here too, fret not about that as the product of that kidney shaped is asleep in the room next to mine right now. **hugS** so happy and hopeful for you.

  41. my three year old's sac was paisley shaped at my first ultrasound. I stressed and stressed about it and my doctor thought I was nuts (she was not wrong, but still.) can't remember the shape of my younger daughters, but pretty sure it was not spherical. Kidney bean shaped sounds about right.

  42. Whew! Do yourself a favour do the snoopy dance just for a few seconds *g*

    So glad to hear the results.

  43. Hey- I just fished out our old ultrasounds... 7 weeks at re's office: One sac round and one is elongated. 9 weeks at re's offIce: both kidney shaped. I think it's pretty common to lOok kidney shaped.

  44. Just looked at my 6 week ultrasound from my son who is 7, it is oblong....reminds me of a Mike and Ike piece of candy!


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