Monday, September 14, 2015


I am waiting at my local clinic to get blood drawn to check hormone levels and to hopefully sneak in another beta hcg before IVIG #2, which is scheduled for tomorrow.

I'm feeling....all over the place. Hopeful, hopeless, accepting, frantic. It changes, depending on the moment.

I'm having a small meds crisis too. Ran completely out now of both kinds of progesterone (akk!), so hopefully can get an emergency delivery of PIO and the suppositories today. So on top of my usual fears are the fears that because I didn't stay on top of this better, I'm risking the pregnancy in that way. Sigh.

I did manage to stay distracted and busy all weekend (so busy I didn't notice my meds issue!) and I think that was a good short-term strategy. This whole early pregnancy business involves just a ton of not knowing and tolerating uncertainty. Pregnancy in general, but this part especially.

Here's this morning's HPT (Dora, note how carefully I have tried to avoid the word P-E-E, so that you can see my blog from work?!).

I think it looks ok. Darker, I think. Certainly not lighter. We will see what the numbers look like, hopefully later today (but please local clinic, not TOO much later! Hoping that progesterone AND beta look ok. Unusual for me to be worried on both fronts.)

Thank you all again for your thoughts and words during this early time. IVF vet or not, this part of the process is harrowing for me.


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  1. Definitely darker!! Fingers crossed!

  2. Not blocked! YAY! What a gorgeous line!

  3. Oh that is definitely increased. This pregnancy is progressing, for sure. I know you can't relax for a long, long time, but I hope today's beta brings you several days of peace.

  4. HPT addict chiming in again - THAT LINE LOOKS AMAZING!!!

    Fingers crossed that you can get a beta today!!!

  5. That looks darker to me; hopefully they will call you soon with very reassuring numbers! I also feel sure that you'll be able to get your meds issue resolved so there is less stress on that front too.

    Sending you warmth and love and light. BTW, when is your sister due? It's soon isn't it? Sending her good vibes too!

  6. That looks so much darker yay!! I'm in nyc too and I use Ap.thorp pharmacy. They deliver quickly. I call them and my meds are at my apt in about 2 hrs so that might be a good option for you if you need progesterone asap.

  7. Definitely darker!! fingers crossed, sticky vibes and prayers being sent! Lynne

  8. That's a crazy dark line! I hope you can get the meds you need because you don't need any additional stress. I'll be stalking you today for the results!! Good luck on all of your numbers.

  9. Definitely darker! Fingers and toes crossed...

  10. Looking good Mo! Hope you get the meds squared away easily.


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