Wednesday, September 2, 2015

5dp5dt: FET #3

Thank you for all of your thoughts about testing ahead, and if so, when.

I thought strongly about testing this morning. Then I chickened out.

Even with Magpie's pregnancy, which had a really strong beta of 155 at 14dpo, I couldn't really make out a positive on this day. And if I *were* pregnant, the beta could be fine and be as low as 50 on 14dpo, so would definitely not show today. I decided not to risk false devastation. I can be really sad later if there's something to be sad about, you know?

But I think I will test tomorrow. Probably. Not sure. My testing kits say that 83% of women who are pregnant will test positive by tomorrow, and 93% by the day following that... so that seems more reasonable to try.

If I had to call it, I'd still guess that this cycle hasn't worked. I'm not convinced it hasn't worked, but that's my leaning if I had to guess.

I'm having dull cramping, feel slighty nauseated, have a sense of uterine fullness and heaviness, and am fairly short of breath. Whether those are good signs or just signs of estrogen and progesterone, I don't know.

I'm not feeling any "pulling" sensations, which I have felt in the past sometimes, and which has always been a physical manifestation of implantation. I haven't had it every pregnancy, though, so I'm not sure it's absence is a sign of doom per se, but I would be much more reassured if I felt it. It's a very unique internal tugging, digging in sensation, that I've never felt at any other time except during positive two week waits. Oh well. I've told myself that maybe that digging in occurred while I was sleeping, and so I missed it. Maybe. Who knows.

With Magpie's pregnancy, I also had a lot of side-pain, which was probably the development of the corpus luteum. Not having that this time either, but do have the dull cramping feeling.

So not the most reassuring, but it's not like I'm feeling nothing.

Only time will tell.

If I can just get through the next few days, we'll know one way or the other.



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  1. FWIW, I think you did the right thing in not testing today. With my twin pregnancy, which had a first beta of 546 at 11dp5dt, I tested at 5dp5dt and got a stark white BFN. I told myself it was probably too early but it was pretty depressing to see. I then didn't test the next day (which was Fathers Day) because my husband asked me not to but did test at 7dp5dt and got a clear BFP.

    IMHO, very few people will see a positive HPT prior to 7dp5dt, no more matter how high their first beta is. (Actually, I recall from my days as a member on there that Fertility Friend's website had a little mini-study of charts that bore out this conclusion.) So if you don't want to see negative HPTs, may as well wait.

    Hang in there. The waiting sucks.

    1. Here's a link to FF's little article about what I was recalling:

  2. Your reasoning makes sense to me. The signs you mention seem encouraging. I hear what your saying about the pulling sensation and am not sure about that - you did say it didn't happen with all your pregnancies so I still have hope. :-) Sending good thoughts!

  3. Hang in there Mo. Thinking of you and hoping so hard for a positive beta

  4. Good choice for not testing yet. Truly hoping for BFP tomorrow and to have this milestone behind you! Sending positive vibes your way... BFP, BFP, BFP!

  5. Ugh! The wait! Makes my stomach churn to think about. We're away this week with no wifi and spotty cell coverage. I just checked in my archives, because my memory is Swiss cheese, and I waited until 10dp2dt to test with my pregnancy with Sunshine. I tested earlier with the first FET and it was torture not knowing if the bfn was for real, or I'd just tested too early. But ... I did have a pretty strong line at 10dp2dt.

    This is the hardest part! And don't forget, you can't mess this up with negative thinking. You didn't believe Magpie was going to be born alive until she was handed to you. None of those negative thoughts made a bit of difference. Your delightful little girl is here. xoxo

  6. I agree - wise to wait! So hopeful for you.

  7. I wouldn't count on symptoms!! I thought mine was negative but was positive. I did have some symptoms like you but who knows I think I did for both positive and negative cycles.
    I think 7dp5dt is the safest day. Also depends on what brand of hpt! I think FRER is the best choice. I'm rooting for you!! I really hope you get a positive!!!

  8. Every pregnancy is different! Don't forget that signs and symptoms will vary. I've been there analyzing and trying to is difficult but the days will pass and you'll have good news soon.

  9. mo,
    I have no idea if there is any factual bearing in this but,
    your uterus has had a full term pregnancy happen in the time since most of these pregnancy symptoms. and each pregnancy will be different, so, I would put zero faith in the accuracy of your symptoms or lack thereof.

    test tomorrow. just do it. I think you are at a point where you need to just test it out.
    with my living son, I had a 3hundred-something beta and my hpt later on in that day looked barely barely positive... that was 10 days after a 5 day transfer... hpt's are the stuff of the devil, I swear. only the beta will tell you one way or another, and even then, the magic of biology takes over and makes betas irrelevant anyway.

    let it go mo! test! just free your self from the anxiety of it! if you see a bfn, take a deep breath and cry and hug your daughter and test again on Friday, and like you said, the beta will be soon enough... I am really feeling for you.

  10. Wishing and praying and praying and wishing for the most happiest of endings for you and your family :)

  11. Makes total sense. Hoping this worked for you!

  12. I've had many transfers, multiple pregnancies, multiple losses, multiple negative betas and one take home baby. Did a transfer in February and felt absolutely nothing and got tired of seeing no second line so I didn't test before beta. When my RE asked me on beta day if I tested and I replied, "No. Why bother? I have zero symptoms." Imagine my shock when he scolded me over the phone saying I can't rely on symptoms or a lack thereof because my beta was a nice strong one. Hoping for a pleasant surprise for you and a sibling for Magpie.

  13. Best of luck Mo... from my perspective I never once had a positive home pregnancy test from any of my transfers, then tested positive on beta day with my oldest (only about a 70), and I was bleeding, convinced it was over. It wasn't easy but he'll be 4 in October and is giant and healthy.

  14. I've been closely following your journey the past couple of weeks. i'm hoping that you get your second miracle. If anyone deserves two, it's you. I know the universe doesn't work that way, but sometimes for people like you, I wish it did. Hugs.


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