Monday, September 21, 2015

First day of preschool

Magpie's first day of preschool was today, and she did great!

It was a short day today - only an hour, and they broke up the class into two small groups so the kids could begin to warm up to the teachers and room and routine.

They had free play for 30 minutes, then hand washing and snack (teddy grahams), then story time (Goodnight Moon). 

It was fun to watch her take it all in. She loved her cubby, and the fish tank, and the playdough, and bead stringing. She hasn't yet noticed the super lifelike baby dolls with their own crib or the fully stocked kids kitchen yet. I think she will be thrilled when she does.

Her school has a very gradual separation process, so I was there the whole time in the classroom, sitting on the sidelines, quietly cheering her on. I'll be spending the rest of the week with her as well, possibly sitting in the hall later this week, sitting in a room in another location on the premises Friday and if she's doing well, leaving her for the first time next Monday.

What an amazing milestone - my little one is starting school! 

Can't believe the time has passed so quickly. Magpie is growing up before my eyes.

My attention was almost 100% on Magpie, but I was also aware at times that maybe, just maybe, Magpie's sibling is just now taking hold inside of me. Very hard to really entertain that thought for longer than a moment, but it is there. 


Excited and ready to walk out the door

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  1. ADORBS!!!! YAY MAGPIE! So glad it was a great experience.

  2. She is so darn cute I can hardly stand it :)

  3. Omg the pigtails and the giant grin, I can barely handle the cuteness ; ) she is perfect!

  4. Magpie is Adorable!! Congrats on a great first day!!

  5. Oh, oh, oh so beautiful and precious. What a blessed gift.

  6. Oh, cute!!! Glad the first day went well.

  7. She looks so grown up! Eek! Her hair has gotten so long, too. I can't believe she's in school. It is amazing how fast time flies. Keeping everything crossed that Magpie is not the only little one you get to send off to preschool...and beyond. :-)

  8. As I am sure you know, she is adorable and I, too, am silently cheering for her-- what a big girl she has become!


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