Friday, September 25, 2015

Yesterday's bloodwork results, 6w4d

Local RE's nurse just called with bloodwork results from yesterday.

Beta HCG = 3,451
Estrogen = 1,299
Progesterone = 70.2

So the beta is still increasing. I think rate of rise doesn't matter so much now that we've seen ultrasonic evidence of the pregnancy, and I know it slows after week 5, so I'm going to try not to worry too much that it isn't higher.

Of course, if it were much higher and we weren't seeing the embryo on ultrasound, that would be terrible, so maybe I think the beta is exactly where I'd like it to be. I dunno.

And the progesterone is wowza. I've been giving myself 1.5cc of PIO per day plus 3 endometrin suppositories, and seems that my body is really taking it up.

Who knows what all this means. The local nurse thinks the level being this high means that the pregnancy is starting to produce some of its own progesterone now, which would be a potentially good sign.

The Denver nurse thinks that the estrogen and progesterone being so high are good prognostic signs that "something is going on in there." And she says that she has seen other FET cases where things were measuring 5-7 days behind at this point and turned out ok.

I didn't ask how many times, but it's something.


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  1. From what I know, the HCG rise is still an important indicator until cardiac activity is confirmed at which point that and the size of the gestational sac become more important. I'm not sure how many dpt you were yesterday or where the rise is in comparison to your last beta, but there is information to be gleaned there.

    Hoping that your next u/s shows everything you need to see to feel confident that things are progressing as they should be.

  2. Mo - in your last post you said you'd welcome any story similar to yours that wound up successful. Well I have one for you:

    This JUST happened to us with our gestational carrier, and we received news JUST hours ago that a heartbeat showed up! Our transfer was one day before yours, at the same clinic, and we saw no fetal pole at our first ultrasound on Wednesday - we assumed the worst, and now we're flabbergasted by the change of fortune.

    Praying for the same for you! As I said before, miracles can happen even for battle-scarred soldiers like us. xoxo

    1. That is AWESOME news! so happy for you guys! and hope to follow in your footsteps!

  3. Fingers crossed! Progesterone does seem to have kicked in, which is great.

  4. Lotsa's comment just gave me goosebumps! I so hope you can tell the same story!

  5. just dropping by to tell you I am thinking of you...
    hope you are feeling well and enjoying the weekend.
    any new tests or anything scheduled for this week?
    hang in there mo. you are loved by many :)

    1. aww, thanks. i will get more bloodwork towards the end of the week but nothing else for awhile... thanks for stopping by.

  6. Hang in there Mo! Thinking of you! I was really hoping they could do a ultrasound Thurs or Fri so you don't have to make it through another long weekend! That is at least a week so you would see a fetal pole/HB by then.

    Oh and my youngest....not the same scenario...BUT I got a positive HPT with him so faint at 12dpo (all my others by 10dpo or whatever equaled 10dpo with all the IF lingo lol) and he measured 2 days behind for awhile which made me think he just implanted later ;) We did have a heartbeat at 6.5 wks, but I was freaking about seeing a yolk sac and a fetal pole and no HB before that convinced it was all over even after successful pregnancies and births and 2 early losses.

    I am still hoping this little one keeps growing!

    1. i am away friday, so can't do it then. they suggested monday would be more definitive than thursday, so I'm going to wait.

  7. Hi Mo, Been thinking of you. You deserve for this work. I have a similar history to you, and somehow I go two live daughters out of 10 pregnancies, it can happen. Can you get an US on Friday, don't think you should have to go through the weekend. Hugs and prayers being sent, Lynne


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