Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wednesdays with Will: revolver for a revolving door

Mo and I arrived for our pre-op appointment the other morning to find this welcoming sign:

Gee, isn't that what we have been doing with these repeated IVF cycles? In fact, it is nice of them to ask us, but Mo and I have been doing this for the past two years. We've gone around and around through the revolving door of treatments, postives, D&Cs, more cycles, negatives, and then around again. To make things more interesting, the sign was actually next to the elevators, but we get the idea.

Mo and I are getting a little too used to the IVF clinic. We know the staff and they know us. We know where we like to sit in the waiting room and what magazines we've read. I like the water coolers. We both have grown increasingly fond of our physician. We've shared many mediocre breakfasts in the diner around the corner. Life changing events have occurred here such as a career move Mo was vying for and learning we were pregnant after IVF #1 and then, um, not so pregnant.

Despite all these fond memories, we are ready to move on. I think we are both feeling weary more than anything. We are ready to get out of the revolving door soon, please.

Transfer is set for tomorrow - we're hoping for the last time.

Thanks for all of your warm wishes and thoughts. They mean a lot.


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  1. Yeah--you know it's bad when you are giving newbies advice about pre-transfer peeing, and you have multiple stories to share...
    Best of luck!

  2. AGAIN, the very best of luck

  3. Having been going round and round the revolving door myself for nearing four years, I understand this intense desire to just be ON THE OTHER SIDE already. In the building--you know, the one with all the spit up stains, poopy diapers, sleep deprivation and what's that? A real live little baby that's the perfect incarnation of you and your loved one. Sending you all the luck in the world!

  4. love the post. I really hope this is it for you guys!!!

  5. good luck tomorrow!
    I hope the door stops revolving(for you). All of this feels so much like a 'just one change and I can go forward' experience.

    Very apt!

  6. Thinking of you both during the transfer - and sending sticky babydust your way!

  7. I have a good feeling about tomorrow and think this one just may be it for you both. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

    Hoping to hear a great update soon that all went well and without issues.

    After transfer, bed rest SERIOUSLY for like 3 days straight if you can. I had 2 of my friends that were on bed rest for 2-3 days and when our turn came around my husband made sure I was bed rest all day for like 4 days almost. It was long and boring but I kept thinking of the reason why so I got through it. So far so good as we are pregnant right now and it's one day at a time. We go on Friday morning for the first U/S and hope to know all is going well and the BIG question....1,2 or 3? Yikes

    Tomorrow will be a great day for you, I just know it :) Good luck. Lots of BABY DUST coming your way :)

    Take care,

  8. Oh both of you...good luck tomorrow!

    I know that door too and the very weary feeling is knocking at my door too.

    Here's to this being the one that gets you off this IF ride!!!

  9. GL tomorrow! Hoping this is one of your last spins through the door. Great post!

  10. Wishing you the very best on transfer day! I hope this is the last time through the door for you both.

  11. good luck tomorrow!

    I never saw that sign before I always went through the regular door... I guess I am a rebel... a rebel who hates revolving doors.

  12. That sign couldn't more more (unfortunately) appropriate. Good luck tomorrow.

  13. ALL the best for tomororw (the most useful thing I've ever done when we did the transfer was keep on visualizing us with a healhty live baby with K & S there) so want good news for you and thinking all kinds of positive thoughts north of hte boarder.

  14. I hope it is the last 2 WW you guys ever have to endure. Lots of luck!

  15. I understand your post so well, it felt as though I could've written the very same one a few years ago. I'm thinking many good thoughts and sending them to you from the Pacific Northwest. I have a great feeling about this cycle!!! Cannot wait for an update tomorrow.

  16. All the very best for today!

    Life through Revolving doors! You can turn in, and it turns you out unless you take a tangent and slide off before it gets to you.

  17. Good luck tomorrow! Wishing you and Mo the very best! Time to move on to another type of clinic, eh? No one likes to feel like they are going round in circles.


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