Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sundays of grace #5

Blimey, I almost forgot today is Sunday - and the time to be mindful of all I am grateful for. Forgive me, I've been in dissertation purgatory.

Without further ado:

1. Waiting for snow: There is a big storm coming our way tonight and tomorrow, and I am filled with eager anticipation. Maybe because I grew up in a place where it only snowed a dusting every 7 years or so, or maybe it's something about snow itself, but I love the stuff. Especially love being up in my office and watching the snow come down and across and then swirl back up again. Amazing feats that defy gravity. Love the transition between no snow and then snow. When the brown winter ground suddenly becomes white, and even the city seems quiter somehow, and still.

2. Our apartment: Without a doubt, it is the nicest place I have ever lived. It is on the older side, built in the twenties: airy and comfortable with a really nice flow to it, just renovated before we moved in, and is a perfect size for us (or us and a baby or two, should we be so lucky). It is our refuge. Our place to refuel and just enjoy each other.

3. Really hot showers when you're stressed: Being enveloped in the water and the heat and for just a few minutes being able to focus solely on the sensation of the water hitting your face and your skin, the ritual of cleaning the body, one part at a time, attending to just that single moment and not the tasks and the day ahead.


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  1. Yes! I love waiting for snow, too-- even though I know longer get snow days. I often don't sleep well on the night of a big storm because the anticipation keeps beckoning me to the window to check on what mother nature is doing... and snow totally changes the landscape, makes a familiar place new again. (Is it too obvious that I am life-long New Englander?)

    Happy Sunday to you!

  2. Great post - those are all such comforting things! Good luck with the snow!

  3. Thank you for you well wishes, especially of my POF getting resolved! I'm not putting a lot of hope into that acting happening, but one can always dream right?! LOL.

    I also love the snow and even the aniticipation of getting a huge snowstorm. I always feel like I did as a kid, hoping to get school off the next day :) Good luck this cycle! I think your baseline #'s look great!

  4. oops, don't know how that happened:

  5. I'm so jealous that you get to be in the big snowstorm. How I miss big storms like that that keep you holed up inside with nothing to do but drink hot cocoa, read, and shovel every few hours. O.K. I could live without the shoveling but that is what God made snow blowers for right. : ) Enjoy the snow.

  6. Great thoughts today! I, too, am waiting for a huge snowstorm -- love that anticipation. And I particularly enjoyed a hot shower today, since the heating system in my 100 year old house is not keeping me anywhere near warm enough!

  7. How about this snow, eh? I nominated y'all for an award - details on my blog. Enjoy the big snow today!

  8. i love waiting for the snow. and when it starts to fall. ...i just don't like when it gets all brown and dirty and the sky is grey! :)


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