Saturday, March 7, 2009


As the stim phase of IVF #4 grinds to a halt, I herewith offer this catalog of a cycle:

Eight ultrasounds
Seven early morning cab rides
Five doses of Ganrilex
Twenty-nine vials of blood
Nine blood draws
One good vein (thanks, chemo!)
Eight vials of Menopur
Nine pairs of socks
One cartridge of Follistim
Twenty-two injections
Twenty-eight alcohol wipes
Three moderate-size abdominal bruises
Four pints of ice cream

I don't know where the time has gone, but somehow we're at the end of the stimulation phase and headed to retrieval. Things have been very different this time around. I feel a quiet hope but not much of the freakish obsession that has plagued me the last few tries.

It helps that I am confident we're at a good place and know that we're in good hands. I trust that my RE is talented, and I know that he truly cares for us and wants us to succeed. He has done five of my ultrasounds himself this cycle (and the rest have been conducted by other attendings, no fellow this time around). And he will perform the retrieval Monday. He also told us today he will try to come in for the transfer himself, even though it's not his day on. He told Will to email him Thursday A.M. so he can try to make it if his OR schedule isn't too crazy. This level of commitment almost brings tears to my eyes. His actions speak louder than words.

We've switched up a lot of things this cycle to try to get a better result: added co-culture, removed lupron, increased the stims, and thrown in menopur for good measure. And though no one has said so explicitly, I think Will, the RE, and I are all of the mind that we're getting toward the end of the line.

It's time to go for broke (and unfortunately, I don't just mean that figuratively). Pull out all the stops. Add all the bells and whistles and prayers and talismans that we can.

Trigger shot is set for 10:45 pm tonight.


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  1. My favorite part is the four pints of ice cream! I'm so in awe of your patience and perseverence ...amazingly strong to still be sane after all of that! I personally went crazy with a couple of clomid pills. I'm super hopeful and will be thinking about you both!

  2. Only four pints???!? Are you nuts? Stimming calls for way more ice-cream than that.

    Seriously, Mo, I'm thinking about you. Fingers crossed. I so want this to be the one that works out for you.

  3. Your RE sounds great. Maybe I should switch :) Mine down there didn't even mention that I she was going on vacation for 2 weeks of my cycle and told me to talk to the RE that a couple of us refer to as the "Ice Princess" if I had questions (not likely for me to talk to that one since she is the typical aloof and arrogant RE that doesn't like to answer to patients at all). Sigh.

    I will keep my fingers crossed for you.... I hope you have awesome embies waiting for you on Thursday. Good luck with the pre-op session tomorrow. 6:30am is just cruel and unusual punishment.

  4. Mo - I am thinking positive thoughts for you and it sounds like you are getting great care. I hope we are both successful this time.

  5. I'm particularly impressed with the equal number of alcohol wipes to injections. I tended to blow that little issue of hygiene off more often than not. I'm pulling for you both. I know this is a bittersweet cycle in many ways, which, in my experience, can have the sweetest ending.

  6. I'm glad things feel so different. Quiet hope is a good thing. And so is full-fat ice cream! Wishing you a great retrieval, fert report, and transfer. And of course, the ending that you so desire.

  7. How exciting!!! I am keeping everything crossed for you!!!


  8. Hoping for the sweetest ending. Best wishes you guys.

  9. Yeah for being done with stims and triggering! I have everything crossed for you! Your RE sounds awesome!

  10. Mo - Thinking of you tonight !! Happy triggering (oh and way to go with the icecream - I read that icecream is good for the eggies!

  11. Hooray for trigger day! Enjoy the romance, the med free day tomorrow and all the hope & anticipation that this phase brings. Thinking of you and hoping for nothing but the happiest of endings!

  12. Hey Mo - I'm thinking of you all and hoping for the best possible retrieval. I'll be following along to see what happens.

    My prayers are with you guys.

  13. Not much else I can cross I'm so crossed for you. Good Luck Monday! I really, really hope this is it.

  14. It's hard to type with these fingers crossed for you. What fortitude. It's heartening to hear about how invested your RE is--a good thing indeed.

    I join all these other lovely bloggers in sending you a POSITIVE outcome. You have a worldwide positive psychic vibe hitting your womb--feel it?

  15. That line "going for broke" breaks my heart. I know how it feels to go there. I wish better for you two. Good luck.

  16. Wishing you all the best, you both certainly deserve it.

  17. Great news on trigger, and your RE being there for ER. That is awesome.

  18. Your RE does sound great. I'm glad that you have confidence in him. I am crossing my fingers and really hoping that the co-culture and change in meds will make for wonderful results!

  19. Thinking of you and wishing you all the very best for retrieval.

  20. I will keep all of my fingers and toes and everything else crossed for you....


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