Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sundays of grace #8

1. Ice fishing: Ok, I've never done it and probably wouldn't like it. It's over for the season, but has been something I'm fascinated by. During the winter, I enjoy watching the whole subculture of it: men in snowsuits, dragging sleds out on to the whitened surface of the lake and drilling through the ice to reach the water below. I love watching them walking out on the ice, often followed by their dog, then sitting there, in the barren whiteness, just fishing. It seems like it must be such a solitary, almost meditative activity. Now that it is spring I will enjoy seeing ducks and geese back on the lake. An affirmation of life and new beginnings.

2. Frogs in the pond: We arrived upstate friday night late, and one of the first things we noticed was the croaking in the darkness. Spring has sprung and the frogs are out, making sure they are heard in the night. It was a wonderful confirmation of spring to hear their voices insistently saying, I'm here! I'm here!

3. An unseasonably warm spring day. No coat needed. Sun on our faces, forsythia in bloom, the sense that everything has been lying in wait under the snow and the coldness waiting to come back to life. Hopefully we will come back to life soon too and are just quietly mourning before emerging again, ready to face life's unknown possibilities, both the potential triumphs and disappointments.


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  1. Spring is one of the most hopeful and happy seasons-- hopefully its good disposition is contagious! Take care, enjoy your Sunday.

  2. I'm sitting at my window watching the wee heads appear from the pond here too!

  3. I love spring too - however, it is comical how I have to push, yes push my dogs out the door - the backyard is too soggy for them and they hate the rain.

  4. Glad you are enjoying a beautiful weekend -- hope the frogs aren't keeping you from resting!

  5. Mo...I have been following this week and wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you and Will. What a strange crossroad to come to--good luck with surgery this week. I will want to know how it is because my lap/hysterocopy is on 4/10 (getting a bit nervous!)

    Really sending good vibes your way as I write!


  6. That's so funny about the frogs--we have a little pond in our front yard and when the frogs come my husband threatens to drain it completely because they keep him up at night with their incessant croaking!

    I'm glad you're finding joy in the little things.

  7. I love when it starts getting warm after a long winter. We had some warm days but now they are saying snow today.

  8. Happy you had a nice weekend. Today really turned out to be a beautiful day. :) Spring has sprung, thank God!

  9. Unseasonably warm days are the best of the best. Feeling the warm sun on my face, the breeze, all of it is just well, the best!


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