Thursday, December 3, 2009

Don't choke on the ovaries!

One of my favorite websites,, has issued a recall notice that I found simultaneously amusing and disturbing.

This awesome website has made it its mission to create adorable bodily organs, both in illustrated and plush form, including the reproductive organs.

They have an online shop where you can buy pretty much any plush organ that you so desire. In fact, I loved their plush organs so much that I copied the uterus as my new avatar a couple of months ago.

This website first got me started on the whole Hallmark reject line because I found their e-cards, in particular their miscarriage e-card, so laugh out loud funny.

Here is the plush uterus: Isn't it cute?

It may be cute, but it's one darn dangerous uterus. Perusing the iheartguts website recently, I learned that in addition to the already well established fact that my acutal uterus can kill babies, according to this recall notice, this plush uterus can too.

We have to be careful. Once we finally get our hard-won real, live children, it would be a damn shame if they died after choking on an ovary.

Choking hazards are real, but somehow this one also made me chuckle. Because choking on a plush ovary after such a long struggle with infertility and recurrent miscarriage? Now that would be the ultimate irony.


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  1. That is one super-cute uterus. I guess it's always the cute ones that get you, though.

  2. So ironic! I think they should make a radiated uterus stuffed animal, or a uterus with funky looking eggs. It could help us infertiles explain to our children down the line what exactly went wrong, in a much more child friendly way. You could buy a normal uterus, then another one that shows what is left of yours because of cancer treatment or other reproductive problems. Sounds silly, but could actually be an untapped market.....?

    I was thinking the talk could be like "Here is grape. This is what most women's uterus' look like. And this is a raisin. This is what mommy's uterus looks like.....But this stuffed animal business could be a step up from that....

    Excellent find Mo!

  3. I haven't seen that one before - it's great!
    There are definitely more places they could take the reproductive organs though :)

  4. Oh Mo....although the choking issue is not a funny one...your perspective on most things makes me laugh my ass off! Thanks for the great chuckle today!

  5. I think many in the IF world can relate to the "recall on the ovaries", which I find morbidly funny.

  6. I always wondered about your avitar (I love it). FUnny I woudl love a cute uterus to cuddle, mine is useless (as well established)and has killed many many many embryos (and earned the will earned knick name Uterus Of DOOM or UOD for short (pronounced YOD). Even Mr. Duck calls it the UOD.

    As much as i love the uterus I will be sure not to purcahse one, one UOD in the house is surely enough.

  7. Omg, where do you find this stuff?? Hilarious. When do they make an spotted endo-covered uterus? I'll buy one of those!

  8. You have outdone yourself this time! Hilarious!

  9. Too funny! I'm going to put the stuffed uterus on my xmas wish list; choking hazards be damned!

  10. No kidding! That would be the worst of all ironies!

    It made me chuckle too. thanks I needed it!

  11. The irony in all of this IF is crazy. I love all of your Hallmark cards...keep them coming! It is good to have a sense of humor about all of this stuff.


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