Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sundays of grace #20

1. We had dinner with a coworker's family this week, and I was struck by her three children, ages 18 mos, 5 yo, and 6 yo. They live in New Jersey in a home not much bigger than our apartment and so all three kids share one of the two bedrooms. I was amazed at these children, how kind and generous they were with each other and with us, how gentle. I hope that when we finally figure out how to have children come into our lives we will be able to help them learn to be this openhearted, this loving.

2. We are visiting my in-laws upstate this weekend, which means little Moxie is seeing some serious snow for the first time in her life. It has been such a pleasure to watch her progress from absolute terror of the slippery whiteness to a sense of wonder and curiosity about it. And who knew, but our puppy loves to venture out on the frozen pond in pursuit of a thrown stick, running at breaknet speed and then sliding the final distance toward - and sometimes past - the stick, before getting it firmly in her mouth and bounding back to Will and I cheering for her on the bank. Go Moxie!!! Yeah!!

3. The clear December night sky up at my in-laws. So completely black, so filled with a thousand stars, each a bright point of light in the darkness. Beautiful to be up in the country blanketed by a sky of stars in the coldness. Makes everything seem in perspective: me, my husband, my puppy just tiny life forms on a single planet. Insignificantly small. Just hoping for the best in our small corner of the universe.

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  1. Ahhh, that last paragraph about perspective. The last time we flew home (from CCRM), and we felt so teeny and insignificant hurtling through the sky...but then as we landed, and our world became more familiar, the massive urban sprawl turned to our neighborhood, to our street, and then to our house...and suddenly THAT house and all that lay inside of it became the most significant thing in the world. And we just want to fill that house with a couple more beating loving gracious hearts.
    Happy Sunday!

  2. Got any pictures of your sweet puppy chasing sticks on the ice? She sounds darn cute!

  3. Oh, your weekend upstate sounds magical. I can't believe our dogs haven't seen any real snow yet this year! Is this, or is this not Ohio?! Last year we'd been snowed under several times by now. Our pooches both ADORE the snow, it makes them go a little bonkers (but in a good way). :) I love the description of your friends' children, too. I often hope for this as well, since DH and I will mostly likely need to move back to the DC area within the next few years and hopefully we'll have at least one child to move with us! I know we won't be able to afford as much space there as we can here in OH, but I keep reminding myself that children are infinitely adaptable and will make the most out of wherever it is we end up, be it an 800-square-foot condo or a much larger SFH!


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