Monday, December 21, 2009

Mo's shape up plan: week 5: back on track

I've been so good this week! Worked out a bunch, ate right. Felt so so good to get things back under control and especially to be on top of exercising. Big news this week is that I've dropped enough weight to hit a weight that ends in zero. That means only 10-15 or so pounds to go to be back at a weight where I feel good and happy with my body. God, wouldn't that be nice?

Total exercise this week: 6 hours aerobic
1.5 hours on elliptical
4.5 hours running on treadmill

Diet: I was SO well behaved this week, sometimes probably actually not eating enough, in part because I have had a family emergency going on that has pretty much squelched my appetite. But I'll take it. Trying to be healthy in the choices I am making.

Items of clothing earned: 2 (another grey sweater, black pencil skirt. Hey, I live in Manhattan. Must wear black, grey, and brown to the exclusion of all else.)

Weight lost this week: 2.6 lbs

Weight lost overall so far: 8 lbs!!!!

Total body fat lost (based on gizmo on my scale that I only half believe): 3.38 lbs.


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  1. That is awesome. You're inspiring me to start getting in shape too -- after Christmas. :)

  2. Nice job! Keep up the good work!

  3. I so need to get on this. Still healing so I figured I'd give it until after the holidays. I need to lose about 15-20 lbs from 18 weeks of baby weight, activity restriction since pretty much MARCH, and IVF procedures. Thanks for posting!

  4. congratulations on your success!
    and moxie is so beautiful, I am glad she is loving the snow.
    and life trauma diets suck, I hope your family situation is ok somehow.
    sending love Mo,

  5. Fantastic job! I've been trying to get started. That's my biggest battle right now in trying to get to a healthier place in my life. You're totally inspiring me! :)

  6. Way to go, Mo!!! 8 lbs lost and over 3 lbs of body fat--that has GOT to feel good!

  7. WOO HOO! Great job Mo! If only I was that good this week . . . I celebrate your wins, though! Keep going . . . I will be!


  8. Wish I had some of your willpower! Hope all the working out and eating right brings you lots of energy and a nice healthy body to go into your cycle in the new year (bringing you fantastic success, of course).
    So glad you've got a snow-happy puppy to raise your mood too!

  9. Well done! I'm going to go off the grief and loss diet after the new year and back onto South Beach and Pilates, and then I'll be able to wear what is in my own closet! Oy.

  10. You are inspirational. I agree with mekate that trauma diets suck, but at least there is a good side to it. I've started my own trauma diet. Have failed IVF, will trauma diet. Let's just say that portion control is not a problem right now! Keep up the good work!


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