Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Shape up plan: week 4: SLIP!

This past week was a tough one. I didn't exercise as much as I meant to - not even close - and I let the stresses of final exams and work get the better of me (can we all say pan of homemade fudge?) Yikes. That said, the damage seems to have been fairly limited.

At the time of this writing, I'm two days into rectifying things, and so far, so good. I'm really glad I'm not letting a chocolate binge derail the overall plan - which is to try to consistently eat less. No giving up here. Just something to learn from and keep on going

Total exercise this week: 3 hours (feels like almost nothing compared to what I've been doing, but every little bit counts for something, right?)
2 spinning classes
1 hour on elliptical
(we were active all weekend hiking in the snow with our pupster, but no full-out aerobic exercise, so I'm not counting it)

Diet: Started out with just a little bit of some extra snack or helping of food here and there, which by last Thursday ballooned into making a pan of fudge...and EATING HALF OF IT! (the other half was given to our awesome dog walker for Hanukkah). Very yummy, but not in line with the weight loss goal. Plus, did I really have to eat so much of it?! REALLY?! Doesn't feel good to feel out of control.

Items of clothing earned: 0. Bummer. I want those clothes!

Weight lost this week: .4 lbs (Could be worse, right?)

Weight lost overall so far: 5.4 lbs

Total body fat lost (based on gizmo on my scale that I only half believe): .1 lbs

Stresses and finals continue but I am committed to doing my very best to stay on track as much as possible.

I vow to do better this week.

Any words of advice on how to get this plan back on the rails? Encouragement welcome. Got the criticism thing going on pretty well all by myself.


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  1. I think you've got it exactly right... by not letting a chocolate binge derail you!

    I weight-watched last year and lost about a stone... which has all stayed off (hooray!) The only thing that got me through was being able to think about it long term. Thinking - okay, THIS week I have only lost x , but in total I have lost y, and that means that by (insert milestone here - for me it was christmas because I started in August) i WILL have lost everything that I need to.

    Weight loss is the opposite of instant gratification and it is SO hard to keep going when results seem so slow - it's such a lot of deprivation! But you WILL get there, and that pan of fudge will not be your downfall! Keep on going!!

  2. Four lbs lost AND a half-pan of fudge consumed?! I'd say you burned more calories during those snowy romps with the poochster than you realized! Good job not letting the slip ruin the week--I'm inspired by your efforts!

  3. You go girl - you still lost weight AND you stopped at the 1/2 of a pan - I would have eaten the whole thing!

  4. I think you did a great job. When I'm feeling like I'm getting off track with my exercise and weight loss goals, I sit down and plan out all the food I'm going to eat and exercise I'm going to do and follow along like a road map. It helps me to not have to think about things and constantly make "good" decisions in the heat of the moment.

  5. I honestly think that you have done fantastically. You lost weight! Sure you had some fudge but it didn't derail you completely. My hats are off to you. This is the hardest time of year to lose weight. Awesome job!

  6. Keep moving forward, don't dwell on fudge. Just get right back on the treadmill. It happens to all of us, we all slip up from time to time. You are still doing great, and it will also feel great to get back to the gym.

  7. Thanks for all the encouragement, everybody. Starting the plan is easy, it's the day to day keeping it up that is a challenge.

    Brenna - that was point four (.4) pounds lost not four pounds! Made me lol to think you're thinking I'm dropping weight that fast. I'd be a superwoman!


  8. My advice would be to not let the one slip get to you too much -- every day is a clean slate, and you'll feel better once you've got a good day (with a hard workout and good eating) behind you.

    Congrats on still losing, though. Things are headed in the right direction!!

  9. I love that you reward yourself with those clothes! I've been reading your blog for quite awhile and losing any weight at this time of the year is a good thing.

  10. Slip ups are par for the course when trying to stay on the fitness/nutrition track. Especially around Christmas/Winter when there's all this yummy rich food and treats. You are doing so well! You've lost 4.6 lbs and that's friggin' fantastic!!

  11. losing weight is positive, you shouldn´t be upset that you got side tracked, it happens to all of us, you only fail if you don´t keep on going despite all errors. Nobody is perfect and we all will eat something that we shouldn´t but as long as we keep on going on the right track it is ok.

  12. I keep a big bowl of apples on the kitchen counter. When I get the munchies I eat an apple and it makes me feel pretty full. Then I no longer want to go to the cabinet and scarf down all my husband's snacks ;-). Also, I have a pair of my "skinny jeans" that I kept on my dresser to look at every day for the last 2 months. Yesterday, I wore them. Oh yeah! Keep up the good work at the gym girl. Even my trainer tells me that everyone has to cheat once in a while. You just have to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and get back on track. Good luck! I'm rooting for you!

  13. My only solution is to be ultra organised with your food. When I do try to lose weight (at the moment totally off the agenda), I plan ALL my meals on a Sunday for the week ahead and every evening pack a bag full of everything, even snacks, to bring to work. I know i have to finish all that before anything.

    That's what used to work for me.

    Now........... please give me your fudge recipe - LOVE fudge but am useless OR maybe the recipes were useless

  14. From one CBT-er and Ann Taylor shopper to another: I think you're right that the day to day keeping it up is a challenge. So don't take it by days- take it by choices. Every decision you make is an opportunity to reset. So the same day that you have a half a pan of fudge (I'd ask for the recipe, but I'm a useless cook) can also be a day that you make a choice that you feel good about for, say, dinner, or to walk around the block. Also, keep in mind that you may not lose weight every week. Doesn't mean you're not headed in the right direction.


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